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“SunglassJack” is a sketch comedy entertainer on TikTok, Instagram, and other video platforms. For over fifteen years, he has made appearances on television, film, commercials, in print, and at paid appearances and events around the world, including one held at the Playboy mansion. It is said he looks like actor Jack Nicholson, Trevor on the game “Grand Theft Auto”, Bruce Willis, Alton Brown, Johnny Knoxville, Doc Brown on “Back to the Future”, the icon used by “wint” or “dril” on Twitter, or the love child of several other iconic figures and celebrities. His comedic sketch comedy acts are now becoming iconic in their own right.

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Who Is SunglassJack?

The actor behind “SunglassJack” is Norman Deesing, a retired high school art teacher and SAG-AFTRA actor. Film and TV shows you may have seen him on include Workaholics, Real Husbands of Hollywood, NCIS, CSI, Castle, Sonny with a Chance, Katy Perry’s music video, “All Star Weekend” with Jamie Foxx, and many more. He has also served as a stand in for Jack Nicholson on a film’s promotional photo shoot, and he was an on-set photo double for Peter Mullan playing James Delos on WestWorld Season 2.

SunglassJack was born and raised in San Diego, California in a bilingual Spanish/English family. Each year, he donates his time to charity events such as those that benefit United Cerebral Palsy of San Diego County and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Los Angeles. See more of his work on his IMDb page or view some of his set photos.

Who Films and Edits for SunglassJack?


SunglassJack’s partner, Lea Deesing, films, directs, edits, and co-writes the comedy scripts. She uses an iPhone 12 Pro to capture most of the footage. For editing, she primarily uses the SpliceApp editing tool on her iPhone. She occasionally uses Adobe After Effects on her desktop iMac. For example, the video entitled, The Birds required special effects (birds attacking SunglassJack) and the Skateboarding video required both green screen and special tracking effects. When needed, Lea uses StoryBlocks for stock video footage and FootageCrate for special effect graphics. Props and green screens are frequently used, along with special lighting and sound equipment, and as needed. Voiceovers and sound effects are sometimes added to enhance sound quality. Yes, Lea often laughs uncontrollably when capturing footage of SunglassJack, especially when he’s improvising, which he often does. Filming takes place in multiple locations within Southern California.

How Do I Book SunglassJack for My Event?

You may book SunglassJack for a personalized video shoutout using Cameo. You may request a quote for your specific in-person or virtual event via GigSalad.

SunglassJack has been a SAG/AFTRA member since 2013. He holds entertainers insurance through K & K Insurance.

How Do I Reach SunglassJack About Sponsorships and Other Inquiries?

You may send a direct inquiry using the contact us form. 

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